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Jahnna Lee Randall's Film Company:

Founded in 2012. It was time to stop waiting around to book gigs, Jahnna Lee Randall decided to start a boutique film company of her own. Hence the name Why Wait Productions.

Please check out the films done by Why Wait Productions and don't hesitate to look around the site! The film company even got onto IMDb!

Dating Disasters Web Series:

Dating Disasters is a new format, comedic web series. Each episode is a complete stand-alone sketch, and all of them have a running time of 4 minutes or less. Season One totals nine episodes.

Series Creator, Jahnna Lee, recently finished the festival circuit with her first web series, the award-winning — 2FUR1 — and wanted to create something new geared towards modern web-viewing audiences. This took into consideration, not only today's short attention-spans, but also relatability of content. She pondered this at length whilst attending YouTube and filmmaking classes, as well as film seminars.

Then one day it finally hit her: What seems to be on the mind of every single person? ... DATING!... and/or how difficult it is to find someone this day in age... ding ding ding... a light bulb went off and Jahnna Lee set out to build a female powerhouse production team — to work in front of and behind the cameras.

Season One's nine episodes were shot across 10 days, and most in a single day. We couldn't be happier with the amazing work of the entire DD team. We hope you enjoy watching our series as much as we enjoyed making it! Click for the Dating Disasters Website!

2Fur1 Web Series (6 Film Festival Awards):

Jahnna and her dog Gizmo the Chihuahua both wanted to stay busy in the entertainment industry so they decided to create a web series on their own called 2Fur1!

2Fur1 is a comedy mockumentary where a film crew follows two best friends, a girl and her talking dog, to Hollywood. The star struck girl can't catch her big break while her dog seems to be making his mark. The dog lands every acting audition and pays their bills even though he wants nothing to do with the industry. Will their friendship stay strong or will the dog end up stealing the show?

Logline: Will a Midwestern gal, a talking dog, and her film crew survive Hollywood?

With ten episodes released and added on IMDb for season 1, as a reality diary style, Jahnna Lee decided to have season two with 11 episodes that are fully scripted. Written and Directed by Jahnna Lee and starring Gizmo the Chihuahua. Also season two has a full cast and crew. Click for the 2Fur1 Website!

Puppies And Tiaras - Short Film:

Jahnna Lee directed her first TV pilot called "Puppies & Tiaras" which she co-wrote, edited, and acted in. The short aired on the Animal Planet December 22nd, 2012!

It's a dog eat dog world out there and it's even more so in the world of the 'prestigious' Arkansas Dog Beauty Pageant where the dog owners are the real bitches. Coming from all over the country, these unique personalities will do anything to have their dog win, from pageant sabotages to having their dogs wear corsages; nothing is safe, scared, or sane in this battle for the crown. Communicating privately through their psychic doggie dialogue, two of the favorite contestants, Gizmo and Lua, the golden Chihuahuas, fall madly in love risking not only the crown, but their owners' dreams in this star-crossed romance.

Jahnna Lee was contacted by Next Millennium Productions, out of New York, who saw "Puppies & Tiaras" online and was interested in showcasing the short film on their new show “The Year in Pup Culture” which will be airing on the Animal Planet December 22nd, 2012. About the Animal Planet show: "It's an action-packed hour of non-stop, over-the-top cuteness. THE YEAR IN PUP CULTURE looks back at the defining moments of 2012 as only Animal Planet can -- with puppies! These adorable pups reenact the most memorable moments of the year, including scenes from top blockbuster movies and ripped-from-the headline bits. If these moments piqued public interest in 2012, they are getting "puppified" in the cutest hour on television."

Fake Pocket Dial - Commercial/Short Film:

Jahnna Lee wrote, directed & edited a commercial called "Pocket Dial" for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. She came up with the idea of this commercial from adapting the premise from her short film 'Fake Pocket Dial.'

Jahnna Lee sent her film to her brother who said he thought it was really funny and it reminded him of a Super Bowl commercial. The next day Jahnna Lee saw an ad for the Doritos Super Bowl contest and figured it was a sign that she must create the Fake Pocket Dial into a commercial!

Click for the Official Pocket Dial (1) Commercial on the Doritos Website

Click for the Official Pocket Dial (2) Commercial on the Doritos Website

The boys are out of Doritos and play the pocket dial game on three beautiful girls to get what they want.

Jahnna Lee didn't forget about Gizmo and wrote a Doritos commercial for him as well called "Chihuahua's Chips!"

Click for the Official Chihuahua's Chips Commercial on the Doritos Website

Just because a dog doesn't know any tricks doesn't mean you should mess with him because you never know what could happen.

Escape Routes Show & Tell Winner: Are you in SYNC?

TV show Escape Routes on NBC held a video contest to be creative and do things in SYNC. Best video would win a Nikon DSLR. Jahnna Lee and Gizmo put on their running shoes and tackled their every move in sync. The two even added in music to macth their every move and they ended up winning the contest! To see the video Jahnna Lee and Gizmo created click here. To check out the video on the Ford Escape website take a look at it here.

Reality TVActing:
-MTV "My New Life"
Was in two seasons of the show. Took place in NY, MN, & WI. Followed Jahnna Lee in the entertainment industry.
-MTVu "Deans List"
Hosted the top ten music count down.

Casting Department:
-Vh1 Tough Love Couples
-ABC Dating in the Dark
-NBC Minute to Win it
-GSN Baggage
-CMT The Singing Bee
-Lifetime Supernanny