headshotJahnna Lee Randall moved from Wisconsin/Minnesota to California to achieve her dream of working in the entertainment industry. During the morning, she's filming; during the day, she auditions and acts, and during the night, she writes until the break of dawn when she starts it all over again. The struggles of the true Hollywood journey.

Jahnna Lee is one determined individual and she loves doing anything in the entertainment industry. As an actress Jahnna Lee's resume boasts numerous pilots, independent films, award-winning shorts, features, television, music videos, commercials, and radio appearances. Throughout these experiences, Jahnna Lee realized not only does she want to act, but she enjoys being behind the camera as well. She started a film company of her own called "Why Wait Productions" and started writing and directing films. Jahnna Lee no longer wanted to wait around to get auditions, so she figured it was time to create her own opportunities!


Jahnna Lee graduated high school at the age of sixteen and went onto five different colleges to learn communications, photography, web design, multimedia, and screenwriting. Jahnna Lee's acting training has been under Robert Carnegie learning the Meisner technique at PlayHouse West, improv intensive at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Killian's commercial workshop, comedy intensive with Lesly Kahn, Sketch Writing at UCB, and vocal dialect with Carolyn Fallin to help tone down her Midwestern accent for auditions!

With the great opportunities of all the training Jahnna Lee has completed, she enjoys and values what she has been taught but her favorite method is to
learn by doing. Just going out there and creating. Even if she fails at any of her endeavors, she looks at it in a positive light. She realizes that if her projects don't work, she has narrowed down the path of finding out what will work to break into this industry!

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